Postpartum Stretch Mark Removal Cream

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Designed to repair postpartum skin in pregnant women,

The precious skin body cream eliminates stretch and whitening your skin,

Cream the solution for your two problems.

First, the precious skin reduces the stretch (for example, Stretchmark after losing weight or pregnancy).

Second, precious skin can whiten your skin. Makes your skin brighter naturally.

The formula reduces stretch marks and whitening the skin.

Stretch mark reduction includes skin whitening.

Eliminate stretch marks, improve skin whitening.

Brighter and more natural skin.

Contains a variety of plant extracts and nutritional ingredients.

The texture is smooth and delicate, easily absorbed by the skin,

Give moisturizing care to the skin.

Helps smooth skin

To improve relaxation and dust.

Rough fine lines and other skin problems make skin glow and smooth, restore smooth and delicate skin.

How to use: After cleaning, apply a suitable amount to the desired area and apply a suitable amount of massage cream to the skin until it is completely absorbed. With the right essential oils, the effect is better. It is recommended that it be applied 2-3 times a day.

Net Weight: 40g